Training Center

Being aware that the management of complex construction projects, the implementation of modern construction technologies, installation and commissioning of complex process equipment is impossible without highly skilled workers, engineering - technical personnel and managers, we have created, develop and maintain a Corporate Training Centre.
Our Training Centre has a modern computerized classrooms fitted out with visualization and interactive equipment, own library and electronic database. Practical exercises are conducted in a workshop, an engineering laboratory building and a welding test area, which are fitted out with the equipment for assembly, welding and testing of welded joints by destructive and non-destructive methods of the world's leading manufacturers ESAB (Sweden), Krautkramer US (Germany), Oerlikon (Switzerland), Fronius ( Austria), Lincoln Electric (USA) and others.

The Centre runs two schools - the Management School and the Operations School, for which we have developed a customized training programmes by disciplines:

  • Management School Courses:
    • Business Management
    • Project Management
    • Business Planning and Financial Management
    • Quality Management
  • Operations School Courses:
    • Project Management for Field Engineers & Technicians
    • Health, Safety and Environment
    • Training for Supervisors and Team Leaders
    • Training of Welders

In addition to corporate training the Training Centre offers educational and certification services related to obtaining vocational education at the level of qualification requirements for retraining and further training of employees with working occupations (License No.586297 issued by the Ministry of Education, Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine 01.07.2011) in following specialties:

  • Manual welding electric welder
  • Operator of electric automatic and semiautomatic welding machines
  • Industrial pipefitter
  • Fitter of process equipment and associated facilities
  • Fitter of equipment of nuclear power plants
  • Operator of mobile heat-treatment units
  • NDT inspector
  • Flame-cutting torch operator
  • Sling fastener

Our training programmes are adapted to the requirements of modern operations, training is carried out on the newest equipment, and our instructors, who, above all, are the best specialists of the company, really help those who want to improve their skills or get a new profession.

+38 (044) 499-65-53 - Head of Training Centre Victoria Pentuh,

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