Construction completion of interim storage facility (ISF-2)


Integrated functional dry runs of ISF-2 with dummy fuel assemblies commenced under the project “Construction completion of interim storage facility (ISF-2)” at the site of Stated-owned enterprise Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant (CNPP). Jointly with representatives of HOLTEC International (USA), process equipment supplier, personnel of CNPP, the Employer, and representatives of State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine (SNRIU), our specialists adjust all procedures for fuel assembly handling, including receipt, unloading, cutting, drying, packing, sealing and transfer for long-term storage. Also actions of personnel in case of emergency are polished. Upon confirmation of operability of above stated procedures, CNPP will start transfer of fuel located in temporary storage which service life expires.

Commissioning of ISF-2 will assure safety storage of nuclear fuel accumulated in CNPP after its shutdown and will significantly decrease costs related to its storage. The facility is designed for storage of more than 21 000 fuel assemblies through 100 years.


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