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June 2018 - June 2020

Startup and adjustment works of equipment of Central interim storage facility (CISF) at sites of power units SS RIVNE NPP, SS KHMELNYTSKA NPP AND SOUTH-UKRAINE NPP

Project provides execution for execution of startup and adjustment tests of CISF equipment and systems, supplied by Holtec International, at sites of power units of SS Rivne NPP, SS Khmelnytska NPP and SS South-Ukraine NPP. 
Startup and adjustment works include:
  • development (and agreement) of typical and work programs of startup and adjustment works;
  • individual and functional tests of equipment including testing and certification of welding equipment;
  • elimination of remarks revealed during individual and functional tests and conducting repeated tests of equipment;
  • integrated «cold» tests of equipment and systems using simulators of fuel assemblies;
  • preparation upon results of executed works of reporting documents which must confirm readiness of this equipment for participation in next work stages. 
Tests are conducted on all equipment which is engaged in operations for loading of spent nuclear fuel into casks, provision of heat removal, sealing, reloading of casks, their transportation etc.

These works are conducted for the purpose of introduction of technology for handling of «Westinghouse» spent nuclear fuel in order to confirm its compatibility with systems and equipment of Ukrainian NPPs power units and preparation to obtaining specific permits of the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine for use of modified technology of spent nuclear fuel handling. 

Central interim storage facility is the object which operation will allow to change current model of spent nuclear fuel handling of the national nuclear power plants, to stop its removal for reprocessing to the Russian Federation and will create proper conditions for long-term and safe storage in the territory of Ukraine.